Swing for the Kids Covid-19 Protocols


“We are excited to welcome our friends from Off the Street Club Swing for the Kids and look forward to a great event at Twin Orchard. Be assured, we have taken every precaution to provide a safe and sanitary golf course and Clubhouse. We will see you September 14!”
- Gavin Speirs, General Manager of Twin Orchard Country Club

Twin Orchard Country Club has instituted COVID-19 safety protocols for hosting golf events in 2020 which the Illinois Board of Health has inspected, approved and cited as exemplary. These protocols were in place when TOCC hosted a safe and successful outing for over 280 golfers in July.

Swing for the Kids will follow the same protocols in our commitment to presenting a healthy, safe, sanitary and fun event in support of the girls of Off the Street Club.

The Twin Orchard Country Club protocols include:

  • Any player, guest or volunteer who has any cold or flulike symptoms should not attend the event. It is recommended all players and volunteers check their temperature prior to leaving for the event and anyone with an elevated temperature should not attend
  • Players should arrive golf ready. Players will self-park and proceed to the golf cart staging area outside of the Golf Shop to place their golf bags on their marked carts. After their round, players should return their golf bags to their vehicles, then return the golf carts to the staging area
  • Masks and thermal temperature scan are required to enter any of the clubhouse buildings. Access to the locker rooms is for restroom facilities only (No lockers)
  • Players are encouraged to wear a mask outdoors except when eating or drinking or playing golf. If food service is from an attended buffet, masks are required to enter the food line
  • Players are required to keep physical distance of six feet from other foursomes or groups whenever possible
  • Hand-washing is the most effective way to prevent spreading of Coronavirus. Hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the golf course and clubhouse facilities where restrooms are not readily available
  • Players must use sanitizer wipes provided at all restroom facilities on the golf course to wipe down faucets and door handles after use
  • On the golf course: players do not touch or remove flagsticks. All rakes have been removed from bunkers. Forecaddies will always maintain physical distancing

In addition to the above safety measures, specific to Swing for the Kids this means:

  • The Executive Instructional Golf Clinic has been canceled due to the pandemic

  • Golfers, guests and volunteers should wear masks during registration, while in any line and whenever inside the Twin Orchard clubhouse and Golf Shop. Clubhouse access will only be for restroom facilities

  • Registration will be contactless. Guests will swipe their own cards at registration stations. Any item exchange will not occur hand to hand
  • Receptions will be staged outside the Twin Orchard clubhouse, with groups no larger than 50 physically distanced in each location

  • After their round, players should return their golf bags to their vehicles, then return the golf carts to the staging area

  • Food will be served boxed or by attended buffet, with servers of an attended buffet masked and gloved. Guests entering the food line of an attended buffet are required to wear masks and remain physically distanced in line

    We will continue to comply with all state regulations and work with Twin Orchard to update and upgrade safety protocols as needed. Swing for the Kids will be a great day for guests and the girls of OTSC alike - with the safety of everyone attending the event our paramount priority and concern.

    Off the Street Club is a charitable organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. FEIN# 36-2169162. In accordance with Internal Revenue Service guidelines, Off the Street Club maintains discretion and sole control over the use of all donated funds. In the event of cancellation or postponement, all donations are non-refundable.